Cemetery Brokers

Advance Planning

Looking into the future and planning ahead

Most families find themselves unprepared to deal with the problems, decisions, and extremely high costs a death can bring. The decision to think ahead and sort out memorial property in advance will give you and your loved ones peace of mind, and also a financial plan that has a positive economic impact on your family.

The Rosson Company brings more than 50 years experience to every pre-arrangement. This means you can feel quite confident that your wishes will be fulfilled when you call us to purchase property. By purchasing interment property in advance you have the comfort of knowing where you’ll be buried and how much you’re investing financially on your decision. Aside from having the satisfaction of knowing you’re prepared, there are several additional benefits to preplanning:

  • TOGETHERNESS - A husband and wife can decide together NOW rather than later, saving the surviving spouse the heartache, expense and indecision at the time of need.

  • CONTENTMENT - Your family members and loved ones will know that you selected the location and as it was your decision.

  • LOWER PRICES - You have the benefit of purchasing at TODAY’S prices. Based on our 50+ years of experience, we can tell you that interment property pricing just goes UP. By purchasing now you’re investing in the future.

  • PAYMENT OPTIONS - We can help you arrange payment terms to meet your budget. Keep in mind that cemetery property at the time of need is on a cash basis. Meaning that if you were “at need” now, a cemetery would require payment in full.

  • PEACE OF MIND - Your surviving family members and loved ones will not be required to make any difficult decisions at a time of sorrow.