Cemetery Brokers


Frequently asked questions when looking to purchase property

Why would I call a broker rather than go directly to the cemetery?

One main advantage of calling us is simple, LOWER PRICES. Since we handle resales, we’re able to offer properties purchased many years ago when pricing was much lower. We do NOT sell for the cemetery, and we do NOT sell at cemetery prices.

Another benefit is that we have many CHOICE LOCATIONS in areas no longer available at the cemeteries. You may have a family member buried in a local cemetery and would like to find something located close to their space. Although the cemetery may say the location is “sold out”, we may have a resale available quite close.

Why do people sell their property?

People list their properties for many reasons. They may have moved from the area, they may have purchased extra graves, possibly they are settling an estate or resolving other family matters. When you are selling under these conditions, the sellers understand they must discount their property in order to sell it. Often times our listings can save you up to 50% off the current cemetery price.

How much are cemetery lots?

Each cemetery has a different price structure. Within each cemetery the location of the property determines the price. It’s difficult to answer this question without knowing what cemetery you are interested in purchasing at. Please contact us directly with this question and we can get you the going rate at your choice of memorial park. Let us prove what we can do for you!

Is there a commission charge?

NO. We do not charge you an additional commission fee. We find the very best way to give you a quote of our properties at a net price. That price will include the endowment care on the property as well as our selling and administrative fees.

We have a death in the family, can I purchase now?

Absolutely. We can assist you and your family in purchasing property for immediate need. We will also assist you with all the necessary cemetery details, including arrangement of the internment. We are not affiliated with any mortuary or funeral home. Once you have selected the mortuary of your choice, we will work with them and the cemetery directly to help you during this difficult time.

Do you accept life insurance policies?

YES. For your convenience, we accept most life insurance policies for immediate need purchases.

What else can we purchase from you?

We only sell property. We are not funeral consultants. You can purchase burial vaults, memorial markers and other commodities directly from the cemetery, from your mortuary, or from other providers available to families.

Can we purchase more than one property?

Yes. You can purchase one space for one interment or a family plot. Some memorial parks have single spaces with double interment privilege and some have companion lawn interments. We also have mausoleum wall crypts available. Your needs will determine the type of locations we’ll present to you.

Can cemetery property through you be purchased on terms?

Yes. We can arrange terms on your purchase. The terms will be determined at the time of purchase. Immediate need situations however, will be different than a pre-arrangement purchase. For your convenience, we accept most life insurance policies for immediate need purchases. We can discuss these options when you purchase your property.

I still have some more questions…

No problem! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We will be pleased to assist you.